For many Thanksgiving, Christmas and the holiday season as a whole can bring increasing emotions and rising pressures as we experience them for the first time after a loss.  The first year is filled with new 'firsts' but the second year can many times be even more difficult as others begin to move on as we continue to search for what it means to be without them.  Please take a moment to review the Holiday message below.

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The loss of someone we hold dear, or the loss of something significant (companion animal,  relationship, or job) have many common elements.  We share the loss with those around us, yet we struggle individually as we search for meaning, understanding, and answers for one of life's most horrific but inherent events.  It is not uncommon to lose focus and be challenged by routine activities, ones that we once mastered and put little or no thought into completing.  We can become lost as we strive to hold our own in a world that seems more fast paced than we ever imagined. Coming to grips with the new, post-loss reality gives way to an understanding that life will never be the same; we have lost part of ourselves and our world has changed --  therefore we are changed.  As we begin to understand the enormous complexity of what has changed and try to find a balance between holding on and letting go,  it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed, out of control, helpless, and even hopeless.  Each of us process grief  differently because each of our experiences with loss is different.  Our loss reflects our love and our longing to return to what had been 'normal'. 

Brent Richter Consulting, LLC  offers insight, understanding, education, and support to individuals and families dealing with a loss; we would be honored to share part of this grief journey with you.     




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