As a former soldier, police officer, firefighter, and EMT, I have tailored my practice toward public employees and their families.  I know first-hand how employees can feel and respond in the face of intensive public scrutiny.  Being part of what can be an uncaring bureaucratic machine can sometimes make caring and otherwise productive people feel devalued and unappreciated.  These are just two components of what comprises organizational stress-- a real phenomena that affects hard working and diligent pubic employees.  

One of the overarching tenets of my practice is to provide understanding, reassurance, support, and education in a confidential, safe, and non-judgmental setting in order that my clients and they agencies that employ them  better balance the challenges of maintaining healthy personal, relational, and professional lives with the rigors, expectations, and dangers inherent in working within the emergency services response field. 

In addition to providing services to all public employees, I have endeavored to reach out specifically to police officers, paramedics, firefighters and military members.  We offer critical incident and traumatic event response services nationwide.  Custom designed and affordable educational opportunities for first-responder communities, family members and significant others are always available.  For family members that care about their first-responder we are uniquely suited and clearly understand the environment in which their loved one works, and know that the skills that are vital to "the job" can sometimes be detrimental to familial relationships.

Even though I no longer have a daily/weekly clinical practice I am proud to be helping individuals and agencies as they design, develop, implement, and grow forward-thinking and innovative evidence-based employee wellness programs.     


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